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Max became no. 3 in the world in Japanese Ju Jutsu and then started her health education where she met her co-founder, Eva. Two very different types of people who complements each other in so many ways - a true friendship and lifelong journey was born and still going strong today.
ME Life was founded in Denmark. The name ´ME Life´ was created at a café in Copenhagen over drinks with friends playing around with initials and core value of the company. ME Life is how Max and Eva sees a healthy and balanced lifestyle today and will give you the tools and support to pass it on to you and your loved ones.
Max and Eva finished their Master degree in Sports Science and Health on top of their Bachelor degree in Nutrition and Health with specialty in Nutrition and Physical Activity (both degrees are ECE evaluated). Same year, they published their scientific article about UFC fighters.
Green Cards received and we were officially living in Los Angeles, USA. Max and Eva have been travelling back and forth since Jan. 2013 while studying UFC fighters, traveling around the US, networking and following their passion in health promotion and helping others be the best they can be.
What is going on


We are on ClassPass!!!

Finally! We partnered up with www.classpass.com and are now having Beach Camps and Beach Stretching every Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays! Check us out and see you on the beach side!

We are joining classpass.com soon!

Hi there, A lot is happening right now – we are partnering up with www.classpass.com to get the word out about our beach camp & stretching classes, so things are …