ME Life is a Danish founded company created in 2014 by Max Lewis and Eva Lee. We’re passionate about living and help others to live a healthier lifestyle that naturally lead to a lifetime of physical and mental happiness and wellbeing.

Denmark is one of the happiest nations in the world (compared to USA ranked at 14th and based on: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance), is the first Bike City in the World and is the home of the world’s best restaurant, Noma.


ME Life thinks big and new when it comes to our passion for health and we dare to sacrifice in order to gain a broad knowledge. We´ve left our friends and family behind to live in Los Angeles, California, in order to obtain, and personally test the latest health research and information. We´re looking into numerous aspects of healthy living, including everyday- and specialized foods, latest health supplements, as well as training routines, equipment and apparel. We also regularly attend health and beauty conventions to get the latest knowledge and inspiration.


We each hold a Master of Science in Sports Science and Health from the University of Southern Denmark and also hold a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Health, both are ECE evaluated. In our six years of education we’ve gained both broad and specific knowledge about training, dieting and overall health. So, we go well beyond personal training and short-term fitness classes into academic research on food, micronutrients and supplements as well as the latest in health science journals in order to pass that knowledge along to you.


In addition to our education we both live very active – but balanced – lives between our work, friends and relationships. We have spent years not only staying up-to-date with cutting edge health research, but also have practical experience as health and weight loss specialists for both private- and corporate clients.

ME Life promotes physical and mental health for everyone – through effective and safe guidance.

ME Life reinforce healthy lifestyles to individuals, groups and companies with quality results that demonstrate our credibility, cutting-edge research and accessibility through services and cost.

ME Life is a reliable health partner that cares about quality, sincerity, punctuality, honesty and helping our clients make positive life improvements through realistic goals. ME Life is based on dialogue and share our knowledge as well as respecting others’ points of views.


  1. Your Time – Your Choice of Place: You have the FREEDOM to choose when and where!
  2. Just Get Ready: We´ll be coming to you so NO PREP: no packing your gym bag, no travel time, no parking, no showering with strangers, no prepping post-workout food and no struggling to get yourself of the couch 😉
  3. Competitive Prices: Because we believe everyone should be able to AFFORD and have the tools for living a healthy lifestyle.

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