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I was a little skeptical at first. I have repeatedly tried to lose weight without much success. But I was determined to lose 45 kg, which is what I need to lose to reach my ideal weight. I enlisted the help of Mariam and followed the nutrition plan.

Personally, I felt the importance of the diet plan and the strength training 3 times a week. For every weigh-in, I’ve lost about 2 kg and that made me continue my new lifestyle. After 8 weeks, I’ve lost 10kg. Personally, the support from you was essential for me. Your positive nature and behavior has supported me. It was good for me that we talked about my diet. Now after 4 months I’ve lost a whopping 20 kg and I will continue until I reach my goal, which is 45 kg.

I’m super happy that I signed up for this, because this has changed my life.

I have always had pains in my knee and in my back because of my weight, but I feel so much better now, and when I’ve lost the remaining kg, I’m sure it will get even better. I can’t believe how I was ever able to drag the 20 extra kg around.