First, I want to say thank you even though it was a short conversation we had yesterday. You give me hope. My training and my nutrition plan has been going up and down, but I’m starting to understand everything and I’m keeping an eye on how much I eat and I remember to exercise a little every day – so I’ve learned a lot.

Yesterday I’ve exercised 1h and it went very well, after that I biked 10 min and did 150 sit ups. I could definitely feel it today, because I could feel the soreness several places in my body. So I’m giving it everything I can. I’m very proud of myself and I feel a profound difference in my mood – It is just wonderful!

It makes me a little sad when I think of the fact that we don’t have much time left. I’ve been really happy to have you as a coach and I know that I will miss you very much.

Big hugs