Lilli T.

This is my story of why I started this program.

I’m 65 years old – about 8 kg too heavy – my lung collapsed in late February 2011.

I decided – exercise – the only solution.

I saw your program and thought it was a good idea and joined. When you are in a class, there’s more pressure on you to show up and you have to respect other people’s time.

I must say, I have been very pleased with the training – especially with the instructors – nutritionists – weigh-ins. Yes, everyone I have been in contact with has helped me meet my goals.

Over the 8 weeks, I have improved my cardio – I can take the stairs at work, up to the 4th floor, I can bike around 10km and I go for long walks.

I haven’t lost much weight, 2 -3 kg, but I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. My breathing is much better.

Finally, I want to say thank you – especially to you, Mariam – for your help and for your great energy – even when you’re pushing me.

I will return and continue the program