The last 5 weeks, focusing on nutrition, snack times and exercise, have helped me to lose weight for the first time. I’d often tried the fad diets (Nupo, counting carbs, etc.), because I thought that it couldn’t be that hard losing 5-7 kg. The fact was just that it never happened – before now.
So I’ve found out first-hand that the recipe for weight loss and well-being isn’t complicated and that there’s only one way; and that is a sensible diet, more consistent eating habits and exercise. Although it can seem overwhelming to change the old and bad habits at the same time as developing new and good ones, I felt and saw the results of my hard work right away and became even more motivated to continue. The new habits and the weight loss improved my physical and mental well-being, and I’m no longer exhausted in the middle of the day and generally have more energy and don’t get irritated by little unimportant things.
Right now, I feel that I’m SO HAPPY, because I finally pulled myself together to do something to completely change my lifestyle. At the same time, I feel more motivated than ever and I’m sure that the good and healthy habits of diet and exercise are now automatically a part of my life.